Happiness is a Choice

The first time I heard that happiness was a choice I thought it was absolute insanity. Actually, that’s putting it lightly, as someone with a degree in Psychology and a history of major depression, I thought this concept was total horse shit. I was angry and had a lot of questions. How could someone possibly and simply choose to be happy? What about all the crap in my life? What about all the stuff I had to do, get, buy, get over, and become in order to become happy? The answers and calm finally came when I chose to look inward instead of focusing on everything outside of myself. When I honestly looked within myself, with the help of many a self-help book, yoga class, and meditation (don’t worry more on that in many many blog entires to come), I realized that everything I could ever want is already within me in this moment. There is nothing outside of myself that will ever or could ever make me happy if I am not willing to be happy right here, right now. Living in the present and recognizing my own power to choose how I perceive and experience my life were the miracle happiness cures I was always waiting for. Ironically, it was always within me and didn’t need to be obtained, but rather just relearned.

What if I could guarantee with 100% certainty that you too can become happy right now, this very second? Well, I can make such an absurd claim because I have experienced this to be true. If you decide you are happy, then you are, right now, this moment, and the next, and the next, until forever. How does that feel? Pretty fucking awesome right? Let’s continue being addicted to happiness together.

Love & happiness to infinity and beyond,