You’re Awesome

How awesome is this: Gabrielle Bernstein, my most adored and fashionable spiritual teacher, posted this wicked video last week about acknowledging your awesomeness.

It is so important for everyone to be aware of their own strengths and gifts, no matter what they might be. The practice of bringing attention and awareness to your own greatness has remarkable effects on your happiness.

My awesomeness list:

  1. I’m really freaking passionate about everything I do, from my work, to my relationships, to my love of food and adventure. I have a serious fiery love for life.
  2. I am really great at making other people feel better and helping them during times of need. Nothing makes me feel more satisfied and whole than helping someone else.
  3. I’m creative and always taking pictures, writing, cooking, or making up rap lyrics to mundane life tasks.
  4. I’m really open to changing for the better and pursuing my own happiness every single moment of every single day. No past fear or pain is big enough to hold me back from dedicating my life to self improvement and service.
I challenge you to write a list of things you know you’re really great at, even if it just includes crushing an entire Netflix original series season in less than 24 hours (a valid modern-day skill).Everything is AWESOME and so are you!
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Sure Shore

Sure Shore
Sea Poem 1
The one thing I am
sure of is the shore.
The way it ends
and begins this world.
An infinity.
Crashing waves
Sooth and invigorate.
It is the start.
It is the end.
Swim on
and on.


You Can’t Do Anything Wrong!

Here’s a fun fact: You can’t do anything wrong!

This isn’t just me being quintessentially stubborn (one of my best personality traits), it’s true. The most important lesson I continue to learn about my happiness practice is that it’s actually impossible to do it wrong. The best thing about falling off the health and wellness bandwagon isn’t learning how to get back on, but rather, appreciating why you fell. Letting your negative thoughts creep in from time-to-time, not meditating every single day, or not fulfilling a daily gratitude practice doesn’t make you a failure, it makes you human.

So, how do you pick yourself back up and do no wrong? The answer is seriously profound, like the first time you learned what existentialism was profound. Ready? The key is self-forgiveness. Forgiving yourself for your mishaps releases the judgment and anxiety you’re holding onto and opens you up to new opportunities and potential. Here’s a mantra I recite internally or aloud whenever I realize I’m being hard on myself for not doing happiness the ‘right way’:

“I forgive myself for getting off track with my health and wellness practice and trust that all of my life’s experiences are teaching me valuable lessons and guiding me towards greater happiness and meaning.”

Trust the process. The ebs and flows make you grow and glow brighter each time you make it back to your happy place.

Stubborn & Shining,



Mindfulness Meditation for Millennials


One of the most profound changes I made to my life was my 2014 resolution to start a daily meditation practice. Prior to this challenge I was meditating a couple times a week and had already found extreme calm and clarity from that practice. Since dedicating at least five minutes of every single day to meditation I have noticed a true shift in my perception of the world. Everything is just more peaceful and easier to take in. I don’t find myself resisting against life. I allow it to just flow and trust that I will always be able to figure out and make it through anything that comes my way.

There are many scientifically proven benefits of mindfulness meditation including relaxation, easing of depression and anxiety, and generally increased happiness. It is also great for helping you get more attuned to your own body and thoughts. This awareness helps you feel more grounded and present in each moment.
As an A-type millennial with smartphone phantom limb syndrome, I understand that sitting quietly with your eyes closed for five minutes or more every day seems impossible. So naturally, finding a simple and flat designed app experience to aid in my meditation practice was essential. I highly recommend using and downloading the app to begin or enhance your mindfulness meditation practice. The nature scenes and sounds are immersive and the guide’s voice is just pure magic. It doesn’t matter how often you do it, just being willing to try something new to improve your happiness is enough.
I hope that mindfulness meditation helps bring a little more peace and wellness into your life.
Love & Namaste,

Bravery: Choosing to Face My Fears

I have a paralyzing fear of heights, and I love hiking. I climbed over 500 metres on a steep and loose rocked mountain two days ago and it was terrifying and exhilarating. I felt more alive on top of that summit overlooking the view of the valley I had just conquered than I have ever felt from doing something within my comfort zone.

My brilliant best friend Alex always says: “On the other side of fear is freedom.” Let that one sink in, marinate in it, it’s true.

Fear stops you, limits you, and tells you that you can’t and you shouldn’t and you couldn’t possibly even consider it. But choosing to go, doing it anyways, and calling fear a liar makes you free, alive, radiant, and possible.
Scream your way through it if you must, because I promise that on the other side of that wall – be it a fear of heights, social situations, public speaking, learning a new skill, or the worst one: being great – is an intoxicating high, a freedom unlike none other.
Bravery isn’t exclusively for Gryffindors and the naturally courageous, facing your fears – the tiny and gargantuan ones – is possible for anyone. Simply choosing to do something that scares you is the bravest thing anyone could ever do. What is the first fear that comes to mind that you would like to face today? My advice? Do it, do it now, stop reading this and get free.
Free & Terrified,