Sea More is your digital waterfall of inspiration, art, tools, and resources for becoming more loving towards yourself and the world. The water is warm and wonder is always welcome. 

10464358_10201971026750484_7673660582945762248_nI am Sanja, Mermaid Mastermind and Spiritual Siren.

I want to Sea More.

I want to see and experience so much more than I am currently aware of. I want to see seas & oceans protected, respected, and basked in. I want to see myself and others thrive spiritually, physically, psychologically, and financially, for the greatest good. I want to swim with wild dolphins and eat every vegan ice cream flavour ever made.

I want to sea more, take the dive with me.


Pearls on Sanja:


  • Love lover
  • Health and fitness fanatic
  • Epiphany addict and spiritual teacher
  • Syched-ologist and fierce believer in the human spirit
  • Loud talker, inappropriate laugher, spontaneous singer, and professional birthday card greeting writer
  • Sarajevo born, Croatian and Canadian, thriving in Calgary, Alberta


  • IMG_0838Marketer and Associate Strategist at a worldwide Digital Marketing Company
  • UCalgary alumna with a BComm in Marketing and BA in Psychology
  • Poet and aspiring novelist
  • Painter and photographer
  • Just as lost, scared, and ready as you are
  • Dolphin and ocean protector
  • So much more than words on a screen

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