Category: Spirit & Soul

You’re An Animal

How to discover and work with your spirit animal(s). You have a favourite animal, you’ve heard the term ‘spirit animal’ thrown around in comedic memes and tweets, and you may know that shamans and aboriginal societies worldwide consider… Read More

Wisdom is Timeless

Wisdom truly isĀ timeless. Centuries old teachings have brought me to tears, confusion, epiphany, awe, and grace. The Tao Te Ching, considered to be the wisest book/poem ever created, was written by wise man Lao-tzu, overĀ 2,500 years ago in… Read More

DIY: Mountain & Meditation Essential Mist

I have been spritzing this mountain mist on myself before bed and meditation and have experienced really divine levels of relaxation. I even started putting some on my hair before going to work to aid in a stress-free… Read More

You’re Awesome

How awesome is this: Gabrielle Bernstein, my most adored and fashionable spiritual teacher, posted this wicked video last week about acknowledging your awesomeness. It is so important for everyone to be aware of their own strengths and gifts,… Read More

You Can’t Do Anything Wrong!

Here’s a fun fact: You can’t do anything wrong! This isn’t just me being quintessentially stubborn (one of my best personality traits), it’s true. The most important lesson I continue to learn about my happiness practice is that… Read More